Cold Blood, Hot Sea

Cold Blood, Hot Sea, a cli-fi, eco-lit novel and amateur sleuth mystery, was published by Torrey House Press in June 2016. This is the first in my Maine Oceanography mystery series. Torrey House’s motto is “conservation through literature”, and I am delighted to be working with them.



50% of profits go to Bill McKibben’s

New CoverSome comments about Cold Blood, Hot Sea:

“Through its mystery and its specificity, the novel manages to convey a global problem on a personal level… COLD BLOOD, HOT SEA will make for great beach reading but it also has meat on its bones, with rich characterizations and an intriguing mystery at its core.” Foreword Reviews

“Sleuths will have to figure out who done it, but the real crime is the backdrop here: the endless heating of a fragile planet.” Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth and founder of

a cli-fi mystery that both entertains and bores deep into the heart of the issues. The author knows her science, too.”  Dan Bloom, editor, The Cli-Fi Report

The Story

In Cold Blood, Hot Sea, oceanographer Mara Tusconi investigates something much hotter than the ocean’s temperature––a potential murder aboard Research Vessel Endeavor.

When Peter is crushed by a half-ton buoy in what is called a freak accident, Mara is outraged and suspicious. She’s also spooked because this feels all too familiar. Mara’s parents, famous ocean defenders, died in a bizarre submarine accident twelve years earlier when Mara was nineteen. She’s always wondered if the sub was sabotaged and now fears that Peter’s death was also made to look like a mishap.

Risking her job when her smarmy boss forbids the investigation, and drowning when she and her kayak are nearly run over by a motorboat, Mara discovers a shocking intrigue as big and dark as the ocean.

I was motivated to write the book when I listened to a famous climate scientist describe the tactics climate change doubters used to harass him.  To read an interview in which I describe this and my life as a college professor and marine scientist click the link. Note that the title of the book has changed.

Copper River, AK

On the Copper River, Alaska


Kayaking near my home in Yarmouth, Maine