It’s been an up and down year for environmentalists. Globally, 2016 was the warmest in the 36-year satellite record (Earth System Science Center press release, Jan 30, 2016). The incoming administration denies warming is a problem and supports the big oil.

On the other hand, the historic Paris Agreement signaled that the world is finally taking this crisis very seriously. More than 300 mayors who attended the meeting returned home committed to address warming in their cities. Some have already been hard at work. Miami, for instance, is spending $400 million to raise streets, install pumps, and elevate sea walls to combat sea level rise.

I’m on track to publish “a book a year” in the Mara Tusconi Mystery Series. Demon Spirit, Devil Sea, book #2, now has a cover. I hope it conveys the stunning beauty and mystery of the archipelago 50 miles off British Columbia where most of the story takes place. To learn more about the book and read an excerpt, click here.

As I write, Demon Spirit is undergoing the final edit. I’ll review suggestions page by page and return the manuscript by the end of January to Maine Authors Publishing, my new publisher. I’m excited to have a publishing house up the road in Thomaston, which I can visit in person. Also, I desperately want local writers as colleagues, and MAP workshops and online forum offer that opportunity.

MAP founder Jane Karker is a terrific person and her son Dan went to Hampshire College where I used to teach!

There’s no rest for the weary writer though. I’m already in the middle of research for book #3. We’re back in Maine for this story, which focuses on lobstering and lobsters. I don’t know a whole lot about the subject so the research is a great deal of fun. I’ll keep on reading books and research articles for at least another month before I start crafting the story.

I can say that Mara finds a dead lobsterman in the first chapter or so. As in most amateur sleuth mysteries, the rest of the story centers on her quest to find out what happened.