Spring 2017

Demon Spirit, Devil Sea is speeding along though the review and early printing process. I’ll actually hold the book in my hands soon (review copy) and expect it to come out in early May. Maine Authors Publishing is now my publisher and it’s been terrific working with them.

Since the story takes place in a remote place few know exists, I include a map of Haida Gwaii and its location. As you can see, it’s way out there in the Pacific Ocean!

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.13.05 PM


As in all my books, the outdoor environment plays a major role. Haida Gwaii literally drips with nature because it’s one of the few temperate rainforests left on Earth. The moody, wet, spooky rainforest is a great backdrop for a murder mystery. Besides that, the cold, deep, and sometimes fierce Pacific Ocean is always right there waiting to claim the unprepared or unlucky.

I won’t give away too much, but Mara ends up cold, wet, and desperately in need of rescue.

Haida Gwaii is also an active earthquake zone because it’s on the convergence of two major plates. This geology produces hot springs which attract tourists and are important sacred places for the Haida Nation. The hot springs also play a key role in “Demon Spirit”.

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