A Book A Year – My Rhythm

As many of you know, my goal is to publish “a book a year” in my Oceanographer Mara Tusconi mystery series. I’m writing #3, Honor the Lobster’s Sea, now.

Like most authors, I’ve developed a writing rhythm. Ideas for the next book bubble up about year in advance. Twenty-nineteen’s book #4 will likely take Mara to a Costa Rican jungle by the sea I’ve visited. A turtle nesting beach there is endangered by rising seas and more storms – both caused by climate change.

Since one of my key goals is to take readers literally into and onto the ocean, I must to write about places where I’ve done just that. For instance, I never could’ve written Demon Spirit, Devil Sea without sea kayaking the Haida Gwaii archipelago off British Columbia.

Honor the Lobster’s Sea is partly set on a small lobster-community island 20 miles off the Maine coast Mainers will recognize as Matinicus (I call it Macomek Island). I’m trying hard to get the island’s culture right – family, tradition and history, fishing, suspicion of outsiders, home rule – by talking to lobstermen and others and reading a ton about Maine’s lobster community. In a couple of weeks, I’ll fly out to Matinicus for a couple of days. (I rent a cottage on the water because there’s no hotels or B&Bs, restaurants, or campgrounds.)

Like a painter or musician, I’ll drink in the light, sounds, smells, land and waterscape, seabird calls, people’s mannerisms and takes – all that – and report back on my Facebook, which you can access here.